Mergers, Acquisitions and Strategic Alliances

A majority of businesses are fortunate when they exceed 10% growth through organic/internal product and service development in large part due to the extensive capital, time, knowledge and resources required. Unfortunately, the market waits for no one, and now more than ever before the market produces larger competitors at record speeds. Only 10% of businesses between $10 million and $1 billion annual sales take advantage of select acquisitions to maximize their ability to expand, offer additional products and services, increase efficiency, reduce costs and share the risk in activities that are far beyond the original capabilities of the company.

Strategic Fit

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Effective mergers, acquisitions and strategic alliances increase market power by blocking competition, increase influence on industry and market sectors and increase effectiveness in innovation, operations, management, marketing and sales, and at the same time provide product and service differentiation critical to success.

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Aaron, Bell International provides the following services:

  • > Locating and screening candidates not currently being marketed
  • > Securing confidential information
  • > Negotiating favorable terms
  • > Facilitating due diligence and managing contingencies
  • > Negotiating the definitive agreement and closing

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Our Experience is Your Strength.


Aaron, Bell International is dedicated to finding the best strategic fit for clients... seeking acquisitions through a confidential, discreet, highly efficient search dedicated to saving time and expense. ABI offers first access to new industry leaders and opportunities currently not being marketed.

ABI's style was constructive and met the needs of both buyer and seller. ABI was transparent and ethical throughout the deal.

– Matt Jesch, Chief Financial Officer
Acquirer of Sell-side Client

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Clients interested in ABI's acquisition services typically seek to accomplish the following:

ACCELERATING REVENUE GROWTH AND PROFITABILITY: Your company may grow faster and more efficiently through acquisition than organic growth alone.

INCREASING MARKET SHARE: Acquiring competitors can immediately increase market share and your company's overall value.

BUILDING CRITICAL MASS: Growth through acquisition can translate into a recognized industry leader and first choice among customers and employees.

ACQUIRING COMPETITORS: The combination with a competitor may create synergies and accelerate growth that cannot be easily achieved on a standalone basis.

DIVERSIFYING PRODUCT AND SERVICE OFFERINGS AND CUSTOMER BASE: Acquisitions may allow you to expand your products and services for existing customers, as well as expanding the overall customer base.

EXPANDING GEOGRAPHICALLY: Your products or services could thrive in new markets not currently addressed.

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Aaron, Bell International is performance based. This means we deliver results you, our client, approve and only then are we compensated. ABI clients receive highly personalized service from senior level investment bankers managing each transaction discreetly and with strict confidentiality.