Richard Winter, Independent Affiliate

Richard Winter, Independent Affiliate, Aaron, Bell International

Richard L. Winter is an independent affiliate of Aaron, Bell International. Mr. Winter has a 25-year history as a lead intermediary in mergers, acquisitions, and business sales. He has negotiated with or completed several hundred transactions ranging in value from under $2 million to over $45 million. Prior to his M&A industry experience he was a chief financial officer in three companies, managing budgets from $30 - $70 million. Mr. Winter's operating expertise encompasses management, finance, marketing, and two turnarounds. He personally acquired, expanded, and sold several companies; therefore, he understands both buy-side and sell-side issues from the owner's perspective.

His broad-based knowledge and experience have enabled Mr. Winter to provide services as an expert witness in court for business valuation and other related issues. He has authored two business/financial books and provided M&A industry training for over 200 new and experienced intermediaries. He graduated with honors from the University of Illinois with a Degree in Accountancy and attended UCLA in post-graduate studies. He served as an Officer in the U.S. Navy with three tours of duty in Vietnam.


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