Finance, Refinance or Restructuring

Do you know the financial options that secure capital?

Learn how to identify financial options that secure capital for business expansion, reduce cost and restructure debt and equity. Typical formulations capture value based on historic data, projected revenues and profits.

Identifying the right financial strategies is a key element in supporting all business functionality and providing the freedom and flexibility for business development initiatives. Financing can be achieved Identifying the right financial options to achieve increased value and growth. through multiple options, such as loans, leases, mezzanine financing, recapitalization, assets reallocation, loans or asset refinancing, debt restructuring and more. Effective financial strategies may require debt restructuring. Options that reduce the cost of capital and recapitalization serve to increase cash flow for refinancing or growth investment.

Call us now at 720-200-0270 or email us to schedule a Confidential Complimentary Consultation. The consultation provides a review of potential options available to your business for growth, maximizing business value, refinancing or selling all or a part of your company. This consultation series defines the most relevant business strategy to meet your objectives, achieve your results and answer your questions.

Our consultation consists of between two and four one-on-one, high-level discussions with the CEO. The system is simple, fast, exceptionally effective and strictly confidential. The consultation will review corporate history, future potential, personal preferences and objectives, and analyze additional attributes that can be advantageous to you.

Upon completing our review, we will confirm areas exhibiting strong performance but most importantly more than 90% of the time, we can provide you with recommendations that uncover hidden value for ideal growth strategy, business valuation, or enhancements.

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Aaron, Bell International is performance based. This means we deliver results you, our client, approve and only then are we compensated. ABI clients receive highly personalized service from senior level investment bankers managing each transaction discreetly and with strict confidentiality.