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Publications and White Papers

Merger & Acquisition Market Overview 2015

The current economic environment consists of low interest rates, record stock prices, strong job growth, and an increasing abundance of cash. These indications that portray strong economic growth imply that the Mergers & Acquisitions market will also see an increase of deal-flow in 2015...Learn more

Why Should I Sell My Business?

Most business owners have spent a significant amount of their lives building their businesses into successful enterprises. Numerous personal and financial motives inspired them to become entrepreneurs and because the business has become an extension of their identity, many are emotionally tied to their businesses. As a result, the concept of selling their business is not part of their thought process...Learn more

When is the Best Time to Sell My Business?

The Straight Forward Answer: Ideally, an owner decides to sell when everything is going well and he wants to move onto the next stage of his life and enjoy the results of all his hard work. Or when the business has generated sufficient scale that taking it to the next level requires additional investment and he needs an investor to assist in achieving that growth...Learn more

What Factors Result in a Buyer Paying More for a Company?

Once a buyer has determined to enter the marketplace in search of a company that meets its specific criteria, it evaluates potential companies based on the presence of value drivers. Value drivers are characteristics that influence the value of a company or business, whether they are real or perceived by the buyer. It is essential to recognize that a particular value driver may have vastly different levels of importance among interested buyers... Learn more

Should I Grow Through Acquisition to Increase the Value of My Business?

A transaction that fails to achieve financial independence for the seller may be unsatisfactory. If the value of a business is insufficient to meet the financial needs of the seller, other options for growth may be examined. The owner can decide to expand the business through organic growth, increasing revenue and profitability through internal investments, or through inorganic growth by means of acquisition...Learn more

Globalization of Business

What is an Investment Banker and How Are Fees Earned?

An investment banker, or professional intermediary, is a firm or individual who represents a seller in the sale or merger of the seller's business. Investment bankers that work in boutique firms often gained previous work experience in large national or regional firms. Alternatively, some enter the field as a result of personal experience as former business owners that have bought and sold their own businesses and can offer operating experience as an added-value component... Learn more

How Long Will it Take to Sell A Business?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to identify the exact amount of time necessary to complete a business sale transaction. The length of time required depends on the complexity of the transaction, financing required, the seller's ability to provide information in a timely manner, and a multitude of other factors..... Learn more

U.S. Employment Changes 2014-2015

U.S. employment figures continue to be on the top of a lot of people's minds as the memory of the Great Recession lurks in the back of our minds. Both employment and unemployment have continued to show strength as we pass the five year mark of our current economic expansion..... Learn more

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