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AARON, BELL INTERNATIONAL (ABI), founded in 1989, is an independent investment bank focused on middle market private sector transactions. For over 20 years, ABI has been dedicated to delivering strategic fit transactions that maximize value and enable clients to achieve their strategic objectives. We diligently define clients' goals and objectives to provide best fit results.

ABI clients are typically companies with EBITDA of $1 million to $25 million and enterprise values of $5 million to $250 million. ABI is focused on clients in the manufacturing, distribution, and service sectors, with an emphasis on industry leaders, niche markets, value added operations and recurring revenue.


ABI engages clients on a very selective basis and only when we can add value and deliver "win-win" results. We manage a confidential, discreet process aimed at optimizing both the terms and structure to best meet client objectives. This is as true for our clients selling an enterprise as it is for those seeking an acquisition or availing themselves of our other services.


Clients generally seek our services with various objectives:

Collaborative partnership

Sell-side Clients

  • Need for liquidity
  • Wealth diversification
  • Financial planning for retirement

Buy-side Clients

  • Increasing scale
  • Strategic expansion
  • Augmenting a management team

We assume that no seller or buyer will consummate a transaction unless their needs are appropriately met. ABI has extensive financing, legal, accounting, and due diligence resources as well as contacts and affiliations domestically and internationally.

The ABI process ensures that buyers and sellers orient themselves around important and achievable win-win objectives. This means less wasted time and fewer wasted resources.

ABI also provides services for financial planning, valuations and wealth diversification from $5 million in revenue and above for middle market, private companies across a wide range of industries. We represent clients for whom sound strategy and superior execution can produce best fit or strategic fit.

Aaron, Bell works extensively with each client to clearly define personal and corporate objectives.

Our experience enhances your value. Maximize your capabilities with ABI today.

Sell-side Clients

As the owner/founder of a successful enterprise, you may be exploring alternatives to sell all or part of your company to meet challenges such as:

  • > “Taking chips off the table,” by recapitalizing
  • > Securing growth capital
  • > Expanding management to attain next level results
  • > Sharing or reducing your risk
  • > Pursuing other interests
  • > Selling to family members
  • > Selling to employees
  • > Retiring

ABI identifies and qualifies potential strategic and opportunistic buyers. We have extensive relationships with US and overseas based public and private corporations, private equity groups, hedge funds, and high net worth individuals to ensure a strong fit with our sell-side client objectives.

Buy-side Clients

We have extensive experience representing public and private companies, private equity groups and individuals seeking acquisitions to enable them to meet a number of objectives:

  • > Accelerating profitability
  • > Building critical mass
  • > Acquiring competitors
  • > Expanding geographically

Aaron, Bell International works extensively with each client to clearly define acquisition criteria, and personal preferences to establish search objectives. ABI then identifies, locates, and qualifies potential candidates who meet or exceed our clients' requirements.

Aaron, Bell International is performance based. This means we deliver results you, our client, approve and only then are we compensated. ABI clients receive highly personalized service from senior level investment bankers managing each transaction discreetly and with strict confidentiality.

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